Innotribe: Brand Refresh

In preparation for the Innotribe Startup Challenge showcases and Sibos, I refreshed the group's logo and design elements. My designs were used in startup competitions and large showcases in London, Singapore, Cape Town, Brussels, New York and Boston. I also consulted the team and helped with the blueprints for the stage for Sibos 2015 Exposition. My designs are still used for all of Innotribe's presentations, reports and social media channels.

Missouri After-School Resource Center

As the art director of a six person mock ad agency, I created the look and feel of this 72-page book in 3 days. I created absolutely everything from scratch (with the exception of social media logos, of course) using Illustrator and Photoshop and compiled the book in InDesign. Please press "Click to read" to look through the book!

Tracker IOS App

Smokers tap, Tracker counts. Tracker is a sleek app designed to help smokers not only easily keep track of how much they smoke, but to also see their data analyzed - broken down to where they smoke, when they smoke, how long they can resist and how much money they spend. I led the design process of the app and managed two teams of developers. At the end of the semester, we presented the app to a group of Apple executives. Our main selling point aligned with the timely release of the Apple Watch, which with Tracker, would allow users to record a cigarette with a single tap.

Greener Europe

"Greener Europe" is a hypothetical campaign created on the behalf of the European Commission during my semester abroad in Brussels, Belgium. As the only strategic communication student in a team of three, I led and instructed the other journalists on the process of making a creative brief, copy and strategy. Our campaign was to encourage delivery companies to rely on other means of transportation, particularly bicycles, trains, and eco-friendly cars. Along with poster ads, we also decided to have a conference which invited top delivery and shipping companies such as Fedex and UPS and innovators in the green technology industry. Our goal was to unite the two groups to discuss the issues of environmentalism and to generate greener, more efficient ideas.