I never pass up the opportunity to make storytelling more fun and compelling. Below are some of my favorite projects that I have led and stories that I have worked on. 

Interactive Tour

of the Super Bowl 2018 stadium. Take a peek!

Wing It

Wing It is a fun storytelling game for all ages. I designed all assets of the game including the logo, mascot, box design, and all other components of the game.



Bull Pen Ave

As part of my continuing education at the School of Visual Arts, I created an identity for a fictional neighborhood that surrounds Citi Field.


Gifs, "jifs," however you say it, they're pretty fun and can serve as a great storytelling format.

Travel Bloggers Infographic

I created this infographic within 5 hours for an exclusive story, reporting on how travel bloggers like to spend their time, where they go and how much they spend. I created all of the illustrations from scratch.

Impact of The Gates Foundation Infographic

In collaboration with a reporter at Adweek, I illustrated the massive global impact of The Gates Foundation - the largest and most influential philanthropic organization on the planet. It saved and impacted millions of lives around the world and visualizing its results has been an honor. The Gates Foundation now uses the graphics I created as part of its promotional marketing materials.

News/Tech/Social Graphics

As a graphic artist at Adweek, I am often tasked with challenging requests that go beyond a typical Getty grab. These require lots of brainstorming, strategy and creativity - often under crunch time. Check out some of my favorite creations below!

MOARC Graphics

As the art director of my capstone team, I created all of the graphics and deliverables for our client, Missouri After School Resource Center. Here are just some of the highlights, but please visit the campaigns page to view the entire book!


15 Minute Designs

I like making the most of my time, so whenever I have a quick break, I create.

The Joe Locke/Geoffrey Keezer Group

To accompany an article on the jazz scene in Columbia, MO, I designed this graphic to show the group's national reach.