Wing It


Wing It:

Wing It is a fun storytelling and problem-solving game for kids and adults! Players are challenged to come up with the most ingenious and hilarious way of getting out of a sticky situation.

Client: Flying Leap Games

Role: Packaging, game design, branding


I was approached by the founders and creators of the game, Molly and Jon, to create a mascot for their interactive, improv-style game that would appeal to teens and adults. I launched brainstorming sessions that would help us identity the essence of the game, which is MacGyver stumbles upon Mary Poppins’ bag and lives to tell the story. I wanted to find a symbol that represented in some way, misfortune and opportunity. After many renditions, I realized that a penguin, a flightless
bird was the perfect candidate.


The game consists over 90 sticky situations that the players could potentially be in and over 330 resource cards that they could use to escape!


Wing It Expansion Pack: Space

After Wing It’s first success, the co-founders decided to launch an space-themed expansion pack. I designed new packaging that would match the them and kept the cards the same, for seamless integration.